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This was my first time shooting at the Turning Point Park and it did not disappoint! We scheduled Clarissa & Alex’s engagement shoot for the golden hour and packed that 1.5 hours with so much action! The guys brought their adorable pups with them so that we could snap a couple of the cutest shots. After the doggos have been picked up by the couple’s friend we went back to the bridge and basked in the golden sun as the guys danced, ran, skipped, did some lifts, a dip and made each other (and me) laugh so much - we didn’t notice how the time went by! Clarissa & Alex met at SUNY Brockport where they were studying psychology. A few years went by and one Christmas Clarissa received a ring box with...earrings in it! Luckily Alex didn’t want to keep Clarissa disappointed for too long and after a sweet speech about finding his soulmate he got down on one knee and asked Clarissa to spend her life with him. I loved spending the afternoon with this sweet, goofy, beautiful couple! Please enjoy a few of my favorites!

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