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Jenna & Jon are the nicest people you'll ever meet - so pleasant & kind they make it so easy to work with them! I also loved that the guys were up for anything - lifts, dips, climbing the castle's staircase - everything was fun & easy for them! The rain held off for us to enjoy the beauty of the Sunken Gardens as we explored this magical place. It is amazing that a lot of people have never heard or been at the gardens. I myself living so close to the Highland Park only learned about the SG once I started doing photography. I also wanted to point out how beautiful Jenna & Jon looked. Their outfit choice was on point making them stand out among the greenery on a cloudy afternoon. After opening a bottle of champagne to celebrate their engagement we decided to change the scenery and grab a few shots by the canal side. People cheered & congratulated this sweet & beautiful couple as we were taking photos with the skyline in the background. It was a wonderful afternoon and I can't wait for Jenna & Jon's wedding next year! Please enjoy some of my favorite shots!

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