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To say that I was excited to hear that Alicia & David wanted a city (roof top) engagement photos is an understatement! Naturally we set the time to meet right before the golden hour and strolled the streets of Rochester Downtown stopping by the Monroe County Office Building, Main Street Bridge and finally making our way to the roof top of one of the hotels. Alicia & David were basking in the setting sun as we walked around the edge finding more and more beautiful backdrops of the cityscape. The time went by so fast since the guys were so fun & easy to work with! Alicia had a lot of great posing ideas - it was her who decided to do a middle-of-the-street shot, so we had to wait for the red light, run to the middle of the Main Street & take pictures as quickly as we could. Naturally there was a cop car stopped at the light, but no worries - we didn't get in trouble! I also loved the last shot of the night when Alicia kissed her fiancé leaving a red lipstick imprint - so cute! Please enjoy a few of my many favorites!

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