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Ruth & James have known each other for more than 8 years prior to getting married on a sunny day in July at the beautiful Cobblestone House. This wedding was small but oh so sweet - you could see how loved this couple is! It was funny to watch James goofing off before the first look but once he turned around and saw Ruth in her wedding dress, he started bawling his eyes out. Isn't this a kind of reaction any bride would wish for?

I really liked green paper umbrellas that the bridesmaids opened all at once when the ceremony commenced - that was a really nice touch! Oh and did I mention the pups?! Ruth is a professional dog breeder & needless to say the furry members of the family were all there!

There were so many special things about this wedding from the flower girl blasting out the air guitar to a deer family coming out of the woods to greet the newly weds and their guests. Please enjoy some of my favorites from the Travers wedding!

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